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A Sense of Belonging


  1. Hi, I have just found this site an absolutely love it! So many ideas. Next year will be my first year of teaching straight Kindy. This year I have 5 Kindys and PP’s as well – my introduction to Kindy and i loved it.
    Just wondering where you bought the the library pockets to put their names in.
    Also are you willing to share a copy of your timetable, and maybe (being very hopeful here) a copy of your first term programs. I am feeling very overwhelmed at the moment – a lot is being expected of me next year and I will have the Principal’s little boy in my class, and he is glad the current Kindy teacher is leaving as he was not happy with what she did.
    I well understand if you are unable to share.
    I teach in a little Baptist College in Merriwa called Alkimos Baptist College. In the Northern Suburbs of Perth.
    Thank you,

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