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Autumn Cushions 2013 – A Tradition


  1. Good morning,
    I have just found your examples of cushions and love the idea-I do a fair amount of creativity with the children in Autumn and this seems such a lovely idea and keepsake but I am a little confused as to how you managed to do this. Can you step me through the process please. Is the sun necessary to the process? do you paint the material first with the dye – is it the basic edicole and water mix or a commercial dye? Do you cover the material then add the leaves and then leave in the sun and that is when the leaf shapes transfer to the material? Sorry to be a pain but I just could not think my way through the process successfully.
    (And thankyou for your ideas on programming and planning I am still struggling to get a format which covers EYLF and NQS and I am comfortable using it- as they say it is a living document….)
    Kind regards

    • It is a special sun dye that you have to buy. I wet the calico first to help absorption and less dye is needed that way. Then place leaves on top. Then leave in sun to set. The instructions are on the bottle.

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