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Reporting to Parents using the EYLF


  1. Hi, just stumbled on your website while looking for something. Can you please tell me if there is a publication called ‘assessment using the early years learning framework’ or have you just used the visual from being belonging becoming? I was wondering because if these publications exist (this and the reporting to parents one) I would like to get hold of it. If not still enjoying the info on the site. Thanks

    • Hi Terri,
      The graphic is one I designed myself. It’s not from being, belonging and becoming. I’ve just used a similar style. I do have a publication I bought last year from Scholastic called “The EYLF and the NQS without Tears” which might be useful to you. Its by Susie Rosback and Sarah Wilson. Published by Teaching Solutions –

      Hope that is helfpul,

  2. Another great resource. Can you tell me which learning outcomes you are using in this document? Sorry I am not a Kindy teacher but am currently doing some post graduate studies in this area.


    • Hi Bonnie,
      The learning outcomes are from the EYLF document Belonging, Being and Becoming. Under each of the Overarching Learning outcomes there are descriptors that say “This is evident, for example, when children:” Each of these descriptors are then described in my document in the following format: 2.4.1, 2.4.2 etc depending on which outcome it relates to. They are just guidelines on how to show that the children are achieving the overarching outcomes. I find them useful as they break the outcomes down.

  3. Hi Would you be so kind to send me of the overview sheet. The Early Years Learning Framework outcomes are listed in a column on the left hand side. Next to this is another table with 3 columns. The first column is a title for the portfolio piece, the second EYLF outcomes along with their related learning area and the third is a brief description

    Please im a diploma student and im so keen to learn things the right way and i really applaud the way you have prepard this. I cant read it its just too small any chance please you can send me the pdf bigger please, i would so appreciate you.

    Many Thanks for taking the time, regards Veronica – Keen student.

    • Hi Veronica,
      The link to the PDF is on the page. The last sentence tells you how to access it.

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