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Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows


    • It was amusing watching 2 parents looking at them today with puzzled expressions – obviously wondering why on earth I hung them up. I told them the story of what happened. Then I said “Well you know I think that black piece represents the Aussies and how they’re all upset about the lack of gold medals.” And we all had a giggle over that.

  1. I had this EXACT thing happen in my room. The kids used foam cups to create the rings. Since that was a very closed-ended activity that required the children to produce a specific piece of work, and since we had a lot of paint left over, I put out large pieces of paper and let them go. Parts of their papers looked just like the work your children created. I felt they were legitimate pieces of work, so I hung up both papers and titled it, “The Colors of the Olympics”.

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