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United Kingdom – Flag and Buildings


  1. Great idea! I know exactly what you mean about the block corner looking like a wreck – that’s a familair site in my class too! Like you I found adding posters/photos in there made a big difference – even photos of children from previous years with their structures. Here’s a similar post to yours that I did:
    i’m going to share this on FB & Twitter, Kierna

    • Hi Kierna,
      The link didn’t work but I did a search and found it anyway:
      I love the building that little boy made. I wish I had a set of blocks like yours too. There looks like a huge range and some nice sturdy ones there also.
      I was a little frustrated with the block corner. We had some much trouble trying to pack it up as there was never a spare spot to put a foot down. It would take forever and a day to do also. I put some clipboards in there recently too and sat in there drawing a plan and making a castle from my plan. That inspired a few to do the same as well.
      Thanks for sharing my page with others too.

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