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Fine Motor Skills Book


    • Hi Allison,
      These books are A5 Visual Art Diaries. They only cost a few dollars. The pages are made from cartridge paper. We put them on our booklist at the beginning of the year and the parents purchase them along with the other supplies on the booklist. In Australia I have seen them in art supply stores such as Jacksons, office supply stores like Officeworks and Corporate Express and in some of the big chain stores like Target and Big W.

      Link to one from Big W:

      I didn’t take a pic of the front of the book but we velcro a pic of the child to the front to make them easy to identify for the children. We use velcro as the cover is plastic and sticky tape or Contact (self adhesive plastic) doesn’t stick very well. We store them all in one box along with the date stamp. This term we’ve been doing letters of the alphabet in the books in the same way we have been doing the numbers except we give them the letters to glue in and trace. This takes up about half the page so there’s room to draw things beginning with that letter also.

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