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How to Download Videos For Classroom Use


  1. I visited the Zamzar site and unfortunately, Youtube/Google has prohibited them from converting YouTube videos. Sad. I am a teacher that simply wants to bring my classroom into the 21st century. My district is stuck in the 20th century, and Google and YouTube have their own interests to protect. Oh well, I will just have to find another way. Thanks for the effort.

    • Hi Sandra,
      I noticed that YouTube had done that the other day. There are a number of other sites that do the same thing. I googled downloading YouTube videos and came across this one: I tried it out and it works. Click the small writing that says download flv, mp4 on the left etc. Ignore the big green download buttons on the right which are the ilivid program. It will also do vimeo videos but only in an MP4 format from what I can see.

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