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EYLF Programming II


  1. Hi Linda,
    I would be interested in seeing the planning samples you saw at your pd if you would like to share them. I have had a great week with my new assistant. It flowed really nicely. One trouble I am having though is trying to engage a group of boys outside, who just want to “run around”, be super heroes etc. I would like them to be more constructive and involved. I’ve tried lots of things. Have you had this sort of issue? Any ideas?
    Thanks Linda and hope you’re having a lovely long weekend.

    • Hi Julie,
      Last year I had a class of 21 boys and 6 girls so I had a fair amount of experience engaging them. We had a new centre built and with the new centre came new equipment including a mat that was rolled up in a very long cardboard tube (Maybe try a carpet place for one). I cut the tube in half and both bits were 2m+ long. I put these outside leaning up against some chairs and just started rolling cars down them. It didn’t take long for the boys to come over and see what I was doing and race their cars against each other. I’ve also done the same kind of thing with a pool noodle and rolled marbles down it. I often hold the noodle/tube up higher and say things like “hmmm they go faster if you lift it higher.” We have a large brick wall outside too and I have just started sticking cardboard rolls to the wall with blu tak and waiting for someone to ask me what I am doing. Then I am telling them I am making a marble run and I show them what happens when I put a marble in the roll. I cut holes in tissue boxes for the marbles to fall through also. I utilise any kind of junk I can find. I’ve also bought 5 or 6 nano bugs (you can get cheap ones at Red Dot) and some solar powered bugs/spiders/crickets and mini cars. We take blocks outside, make an enclosure and runs for them and watch them run around inside them. If you don’t mind getting dirty I also do things like teach them how to dig tunnels in the sand pit. I tell them it takes great skill and you have to make sure you don’t stand on top of the tunnel as it collapses. You have to lie down to do this (I’ve come home with sand in my pants!). I also do things like climb the equipment and go down the slide myself. They seem to always want to see what the crazy lady is doing lol. I initiate some games also like hide and seek, what’s the time Mr Wolf, crocodile crocodile, duck duck goose etc. Hope that helps.

  2. Hi Linda,
    I found your page whislt researching EYLF templates for kindergarten teaching. I am a student in my last year of University (VIC) applying for positions for next year, however at Uni they have not provided us with a subject in regards to the frameworks and it has been 6years (maternity leave & study) since i have program planned which was at the time quite structured. Am interested in any ideas, assistance and support in regards to a template or mock plan to help me along.
    Kind Regards

  3. Dear Julie

    These templates are the best I have ever seen. I have literally been searching the internet to find something to guide me and help me with my planning. Your site was like an answer to my prayers! I am an a mature age new graduate teacher and the EYLF is quite new to me. Is there any way to get a word copy of these templates?

    Thank you.

    Kindest wishes

  4. Hi, was wondering if there is anyway you can email me these templates so that they can be edited, such as in Microsoft word etc? When I download them, they open as a PDF which won’t let me type on it and change headings.
    Thanks so much, these plans are amazing.

    Kind regards,

  5. Hi Linda, I was wondering if you can please email me these templates so that I can edit on them?

    You have done a great job with all this paperwork and planning involve in EYLF…

    Thanks for putting out here for everyone to see.

    Cheers Susana

  6. Hi Linda,

    I am entering my final year of EC Bachelor of Ed and would love to use these amazing EYLF templates on prac. Is it possible for you to email me a Word version (of course I will always give you credit). Thanks.

  7. Hi Linda – your templates look great, would it be possible to email me a Word version of them. I will definitely give you the credit for them. Thank you for sharing with us all.

    Kind regards Jan

    • Hi Linda – your templates look great and it is wonderful to have the RE outcomes included. I would really appreciate a copy would it be possible to email me a Word version of them. I will definitely give you the credit for them and share your website with catholic early childhood teachers in our region. Thank you for sharing, you should publish these!

      Kind regards Lee-Ann

  8. Hi Linda,

    I am a graduate kindergarten teacher and I have been struggling to find a planning format that I like and my assistant can understand. Your format is fantastic and I would like to use it in my room if that is okay with you! I have no problem giving you credit, as it is your format. If possible could you please email me the format? I would really appreciate it.

    Regards Anna

  9. Hi What you have done with planning using the EYLF within a school setting is great. I would love to be able to use these ideas and edit them where needed. Thanks so much for sharing and would greatly appreciate them in a document I can use. Credit going to you of course! Love your work!

  10. These planning formats are amazing! I have just started teaching Kindy this year and have been looking at different planning formats and these are the best I have seen. If you don’t mind, I was wondering if you are able to email me a copy of these please. I will happily give you credit for them. Thank you for sharing these wonderful ideas.

  11. Hi Linda,

    Thankyou very much for sharing these planning documents with everyone. I have just recently discovered you on Pinterest and Facebook and have been glued to my computer for ages 🙂 I would really appreciate it if you could please email the word versions of your work as I would love to use them also. It’s great to see the RE outcomes included. Credit would definitely be given to you as you deserve it.

  12. Hi Linda,

    Credit to you for designing such a well thought out and comprehensive planning document! These are not easy to come by! Please will you send me an editable copy and if possible please will you send me a filled in example around a particular integrated theme. I am very interested to see how others document in the Early years.

    Many thanks!

  13. Hi Linda,
    Wow I love your templates, I have just started out group leading since 2008 so i am so very confused and i would love touse your amazing templates in word so i can edit and i will credit your designs

    Thank you

  14. Hi Linda,

    I am a Kindy teacher attending a PD course at the moment and my sole reason for attending was to hope for some documents to help plan and implement the EYLF!
    Your documents are wonderful. Congratulations.
    May I please have a copy of the word versions of your docs so I have an editable copy and will be pleased to acknowledge you and give you the credit you deserve. Well done and thank you.

  15. Hi Julie,

    I am a Kindy teacher struggling to find just the right format for my programming. Your format seems very user friendly and actually just what I am looking for. I am wondering if you can email me these templates so that they can be edited, such as in Microsoft word etc? When I download them, they open as a PDF which won’t let me type on it and change headings.
    Thanks so much, these plans are amazing! You ought to publish them – you could make a fortune!
    Sharing them with all makes you are credit to the teaching profession.

    Many thanks,

  16. Hi there
    I was hoping that you can send all templates in a word format. I am very new in the industry. Your documents are wonderful:)

  17. Hi Linda!
    I came across your website in search of some good examples of programme planning and got really inspired by your fabulous plan. I am a novice graduate teacher starting my teaching. I would really appreciate if you could email me the word format of this plan!

  18. Hello Linda,
    I still going strong after 25 years of teaching but am forever on the search for practical planning formats, especially based on the ELYF – and thus I was lucky enough to come across your website during my hunt. Please may I also have a copy of the plans and will ensure I will reference your name and site. With great gratitude, thank you. Carla

  19. Hi Linda,
    I received your post on my Facebook page. I enjoy reading your facebook posts. I came down to start my planning for 2014 and of course opened my face book page and your post was waiting for me. Great.
    I would really appreciate if you could email me the word format of your plans. Or are they on your TPT page?

  20. Hi Linda,

    I was in tears when i saw all the wonderful documents you have created. I have just been assigned as the Early Childhood Leader at my school and felt that we needed to move forward with the EYLF and how we plan!! Was wondering if you could please email these documents in words format so i can edit them (will credit you of course!) and adjust it to our needs.
    Greatly appreciated! Well done to your hard work.


  21. Hi Linda,
    I am a mature graduate teacher starting my teaching soon. I was looking for some good template for planning. I am really impressed by your wonderful plan. I would appreciate if you could email me the word format of this plan. I will make sure you get credit for what you are working for it.


  22. Hi Linda,

    Could you please email me a copy of the documents via Word, I am a beginning teacher and wil be taking a preschool class. these templates will be invaluable.


  23. Hi Linda,
    Can I please ask that you send me a word copy of your planning documents. They are awesome and just what I have been searching for.
    Thanks very much

  24. Hi,

    I’m in my final year of my Bachelor of Early Childhood and Primary Education degree, also currently doing the teacher role in a childcare setting. I love your templates and feel that not only will my degree benifit from them but also the centre I work at. If at all posible I would love to recieve an editable version of these templates so we can use them effectively within our programme. Thank you and kind regards.

    Larra 🙂

  25. Hi Linda,
    i am applying for a job and my studies were before EYLF. i have read up on it but no idea how to program with it and even get started and want to show at the interview i know something!!! thankyou so much for your samples i have printed them and will study them desperatly before the interview. if it is possible to recieve the word doc too that would be wonderful.
    am feeling a little more confident now thanks to stumbling apon your site.

  26. Hi Linda, as with everyone else I would like to request an editable word copy of your planning docs. People like you are a godsend! Thank you for your willingness to share. I am more than happy to credit you.

    • Hello Karen 🙂

      I have messaged Linda to ask if I may please be fortunate to have a copy of all of her documents in editable word format, and I am not sure how long it usually takes for her to reply as I’m not sure what country she is in or if she is able to check site daily. Do you happen to know?

      Thanks so much 🙂

      Kind regards

  27. Hi
    I have been looking for early childhood planning documents, could I please have a copy of these planning templates emailed to me, they are exactly what I have been looking for. I am happy to give you credit.
    Thank you so much.

  28. Hello Linda,

    You are an absolute inspiration and saviour to all of us Early Childhood Teachers!

    I have just done my first day in a new school and one of the teachers there showed me a plan using your amazing documents!

    I am wondering if you would please consider sending me all of the documents in an editable Microsoft word, as I cannot edit with PDF format.

    I will absolutely credit you on all of the documents that you provide.

    Your generosity to share your knowledge and understanding is amazing! Inevitably you are supporting so many children’s learning.

    Bless your heart!

    Kindest regards, from a very grateful ECE teacher!

  29. Could I have a copy of above in word format please? Have read all the comments and all my questions have been answered!!! As you are based in wa are you still teaching? I am looking to visit a school and from the ideas you have offered in website, would like to see in action.

  30. Hi,

    I love your DWP template, would you be able to send me the template via a word document?

    Much appreciated.


  31. Hi Linda

    Like everyone else, I love your templates! I am currently studying my Grad cert in Early Childhood Education and would be so grateful if I too could have a copy of your templates in a word document. I would absolutely credit you!



  32. Hi Linda
    Please could I also have a copy of your documents in word format? I feel like I have been re-inventing the wheel trying to have a new DWP this year for pre-primary.

    Thank yooooou!

  33. Hi Linda, these are so very professional and clear and very impressive. Thank you for putting in the time to create these. May I please have all plans in .doc form please?

  34. HI LINDA,



  35. Hi Linda

    I’ve just recently discovered your blog whilst tearing my hair out trying to re-organise my programs to fit the EYLF and NQS.
    Your forwarded planner and DWP are incredible and I agree wholeheartedly with all the previous comments.
    Would it be possible for you to send me a word copy of your planner and DWP? I will credit your name in acknowledgement.

    Thank you so much.

  36. Hi,
    I have been enjoying your website immensely and would also (along with half of Australia) greatly appreciate a word copy of your lesson plans. As a relief EC teacher, I am sometimes appalled by the lack of thoughtful / meaningful planning and would recommend your ideas to all.

  37. Hi Linda,

    Can I join everyone else in saying these templates are great! May I also request a copy in word to be emailed through?

    Thank you so much,

  38. Hi Linda
    Awesome documents and a saving grace for all teachers using eylf in schools and struggling to document the fantastic things they do. Could I please have an editable copy in word of all of your non RE planning documents? Credit will be given to you and your website. 🙂

  39. Wow! Really impressive, may I too please have an email version and will credit you. Have you thought about charging for them?

  40. Hi Linda,

    Guess what, I’m another fan after discovering your website and love love love your planning documents. Could I please have a word copy of the ones displayed here so I could use them on my prac.

    Kind regards


  41. Hi Linda,

    I have just arrived home from a frustrated day at work; I have just started a new job as a kinder teacher and spent the day trying to get my head around the current curriculum plan and how they link it to what we are actually doing with the children. I just found your website and your templates are exactly what our room needs. Something that has purpose and meaning for the children. I would be forever in you debt if you could share with me the word copy of your lesson plans. By the looks of it you have helped a lot of people and I look forward to giving you feedback on how it works at our centre.

    Thanks in advance

    Theresa x

  42. Hi Linda

    I want to agree with everyone above these templates are great. I am re- entrying early childhood after stopping to have my children. Your blog and templates have helped get my head around the EYLF. Thank you for helping so many of us out here, such a blessing. I too was wondering if you could send me a word copy of your templates. I will be happy to credit you.

    Thank you so much,

  43. Hi Linda,

    As with previous comments I would love to have a copy of your Early Childhood Forward Plan that I could edit according to our needs. It would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you

  44. Like everyone else I love your templates. If possible I would really love some editable templates emailed to me. Thanks so much 🙂


  45. Hi Linda
    I feel as if I have been doing this for years, hunting through different places, books, the web, for a way that takes account of planning for the EYLF which is clear, straightforward and usable. I am so glad to have found your blog. I have tried so many different formats. Like everyone else here could you please email me the Word form of your planning documents, which I will be happy to credit to you – so happy to have found you!
    Sincere thanks!

  46. Hi , I am returning to teaching after about 10 years. So far it looks like I may be lucky enough to teach kindy next year. Your website and templates are fantastic and would help me greatly with my planning next year. Can you please email me a copy of your templates/planning documents so that I can add text /edit them? Thanks so much in advance.

  47. Hi Linda,

    I have been searching for examples of planning documents using EYLF and I discovered your planner and DWP. Your documents are fantastic and I was wondering if you could email me a editable copy of your planning, of course I will acknowledge your work.

    Thanks in advance


  48. Hi, I am returning to early childhood after a few years absent. I have been searching for ways to document with EYLF as this is new to me. You have obviously put a lot of time and thought into how tk make these work. Would it be possible for you to email me your templates/ documents in editable formats. And how I acknowledge the author/ source. Thankyou for your efforts

  49. Hi there Linda,

    I would also love copy of your templates. What a great resource you have to offer here!

    Thank you!

  50. Hi,

    Can I please have a copy of your EYLF planners in word documents and examples please? The link you sent above doesn’t work anymore.


    • There’s a working link to my teacherspayteachers site in the bottom of the post. I no longer offer these for free.

  51. Hi Linda,

    I have just purchased your wonderful planning templates on the teachers pay teachers website but would really love to see how you use them. Would it be possible for you to send me through a completed copy of your planning.

    Kind regards, Chelsea

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